class 12 economics

Broad money supply and Narrow money supply concepts

The measurements of money supply can be classified into Broad money supply and Narrow money supply. But to understand this first we have to understand the meaning of liquidity of money Liquidity of Money Liquidity refers to the efficiency or ease with which an asset or security can be converted into ready cash without affecting its market price. The most …

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Supply of Money

There are two different concepts. First is stock of money and second is supply of money. And both are very much different. Lets first understand the stock of money. Stock of money includes the amount of money held by a) consumers of money i.e. people of the country and b) Suppliers/Producers of money i.e. Government …

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Evolution of Money

Money was not always the same as we see it today. It has taken many years of innovations to reach the present form of money. Here is a brief overview of the main stages of money development:

Moral Suasion

Moral suasion as a qualitative instrument of credit control is a method used by the central bank to influence the lending behaviour of commercial banks and other financial institutions by using its moral authority and persuasive power, rather than legal or regulatory means. Moral suasion involves the central bank issuing advice, suggestions, requests and appeals …

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