T S Grewal Solutions – 2024-2025 – Chapter Wise List

T S Grewal Class 12 solutions 2024-2025 edition are given below. Students might feel Class 12 accounts as a difficult subject. But with a step by step approach any difficult question can be made easy. Don't just try to memorize the answers. Instead try to understand the concept comprehensively along with the working notes. Remember working notes are also important as there are marks for steps in board exams. Whether its partnership accounts or accounting for share capital if you follow step by step approach then accounts will become easy.

T S Grewal Solutions given below will help you in scoring good marks in your CBSE board accounts exam. These solutions are also relevant for students of CA Foundation, CS Foundation and CMA Foundation.

Solutions to T S Grewal book CBSE Class 12 Accountancy 2024-2025 edition (Click below for solutions)

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Partnership Accounts - Fundamentals

Partnership Accounts - Goodwill

Partnership Accounts - Change in Profit Sharing Ratio

Partnership Accounts - Admission

Partnership Accounts - Retirement

Partnership Accounts - Death

Partnership Accounts - Dissolution

Company Accounts - Issue of Shares

Company Accounts - Issue of Debentures

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Financial Statements of a Company

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Ratio Analysis

Cash Flow Statement

Comparative Statements and Common Size Statements

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