Meaning of a Company

Minimum Subscription

Companies raise money from the public for running business. The amount of issue is not some ad hoc amount, but a carefully calculated amount based on business requirements. Suppose you have to buy a dress, which costs ru. pees 1000. If you have rupees 800 only can you buy the dress? The answer is no. …

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Types of Companies

There are three types of companies based on the no of members One Person Company This type of company has only one member which is a natural person. This type of company has the following characteristics Private Company The key characteristic of this type of company is non transferability of shares i.e its shares cannot …

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Meaning of Company

A Company is an association of persons formed and registered under the companies Act. Association of Persons – A group of persons who come together for achieving a common objective. Companies Act – Act to regulate the affairs related to companies. The present companies act was formulated in 2013 Characteristics of a Company Separate Legal …

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